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Heyooooo. I'm Sammi, and I like TF2. This blog is an all-purpose blog, which means I roleplay [as both my main muse and my persona], put OOC posts, post my artwork; basically, I do whatever the fuck I want on here. But I'm also really friendly, so don't be afraid to talk to me. UvU <3

Mar 31

wow I rly hate myself so much rn and I can’t get on steam cause I’m at home and all we even have is an iPad ok. God I rly wish I wasn’t such a useless piece of shit I am so upset with myself like I just want to die (not literally) and escape from everything but I can’t because reality always finds a way to sneak back and bite u hard in the face. seriously though I am completely unreliable and just not worth talking 2 I’m sorry for all of those who struggle 2 put up w me m aybe u should stop cause I’m not like worth the attention or anything ok I’m retarde d. I can’t finish a single fucking thing n matter what I do„ , , ok I’m just fucking done w everything atm

  1. unintentionalfeminist said: No. You’re trying. Even if you weren’t, you still seem like a nice person. Dun know you very well, but I can say you, as well as anyone, are worth the effort to talk to. Sorry if this is awkward.
  2. deadlysupia said: (You are not worthless, ever! You are worth talking to and you are worth all the attention. You are amazing. I feel like shit sometimes too, especially now with something else that’s happening but i hope you feel better *hugs*)
  3. mumbling-pyromaniac said: [[You are NOT worthless! I love you to pieces!!!!]]
  4. realtakane said: You. Are. Not. Fucking. Worthless. Stop saying this! *hugs*
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