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Heyooooo. I'm Sammi, and I like TF2. This blog is an all-purpose blog, which means I roleplay [as both my main muse and my persona], put OOC posts, post my artwork; basically, I do whatever the fuck I want on here. But I'm also really friendly, so don't be afraid to talk to me. UvU <3

Oct 15

Anonymous said: new blog urlllll??? ;w;

I’m not giving it out to anons. My aunt or any other family member would easily be able to find it and then the whole new blog process would have to start all over again. Sorry, buddy. Hope you understand.

G uys yes hello over half of u still do not realize this blog is no longer going to be active
Please send me an ask/fanmail for my new blog url and i will gladly give it to you

Sep 24


i draw my favor kim possible otp ♥

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Sep 23


AYYYY can i use that gun


AYYYY can i use that gun

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Sep 22

don’t look back


don’t look back

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Sep 21

super-fellhoun-reloaded replied to your post: super-fellhoun-reloaded r…

well i’m here for you now if you wish!!! ^w^

youre so sweet aa (●´∀`●)

askthecutiemarkcrusaders said: i cant wait be a useless piece of shit, all day, and play all these games. oh fuck, im falling down all these stairs!

i warned u about stairs bro

i told u dawg

'it keeps happenin'

i told u man

i told u about stairs

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